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Latest Edition | Reader's Feedback

Reader's Feedback

“Dear Ian,

I have really appreciated your bulletin. The information contained in it have helped me in building a program that I have sold to 32 people from Belgium.

The 21st of January we will land in your beautiful country for a 2 weeks holiday.

Thanks again.”

Baudouin Ourari - Groups & Incentive Manager - Road to... – Brussels - Belgium

“Hello Ian,

“I have subscribed to the online version which I’d prefer. You may feel free to take me off your mailing list and we can save a tree together!

Thanks, Pam”

Pam Hoffee - Group Voyagers Inc - Littleton – USA

“Hello Ian,

Hope you are well!

Have subscribed so do not need the printed version any more. So you can take me out of this data base.

Ian, I will forward the link to my team so everybody can subscribe.

I like to read your news, as I get news about the industry and products, and sometimes become aware of products I have not been aware off before ;-).

Have a great weekend.

Cheers, Peter”

Peter Just – Product Manager – DERTour – Frankfurt - Germany

“Hi Ian
I really appreciate you sending this”
Gabi Birbeck – Director – Rendezvous Travel Group – Little Chalfont – England

“Hi Ian

I have signed up for the online subscription, and really don’t need to receive a hard copy as well. I’d rather just have on-line info.

I do find your updates useful, especially for Australia, as there is so much product in Australia and you often provide updates we otherwise don’t get to hear about; or information on new products that are useful to know about.

Thanks. Jillian”

Jillian Barrow – President - Uniquely New Zealand Travel – Seattle – USA

“Dear Ian,

Nice to hear from you!

Herewith I would like to confirm that I’d like to keep on receiving the paper version of your great Downunder Bulletin.

Will send you an email next week with some more useful information though am running out of time a little at the moment.

Wish you a great weekend,

Greta Bal - Head of Purchasing/Senior Product Manager Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands - ITG Companies – Hertogenbosch – The Netherlands

“Hello Ian,

Thank you so much for your contact, I have been receiving the Downunder Bulletin...always good updates.

I will forward this e-mail to our team,

Thank you,

Kind regards, Christina”

Christina Kler - Business Development Executive – Designer Tours - São Paulo - Brazil

“Thank you for a great publication. I have subscribed to the on line version and if it is the same information, feel free to just go with that and no need to mail the hard copy.


Marjanna Helwig – President - Great Expeditions – Longmont - USA

“Dear Ian!

Thanks for your mail! We are very glad to get your Downunder Travel Bulletin and we like to read it and to get informations about new products or about products we already know for a long time but which changed something! So for us, your bulletin is quite useful. If we have the choice: we would prefere to get the printed version! Every morning you get so many new e-mails so it is much nicer to have an "old-fashioned" letter. But if from the side of the costs you have with it, you would prefere us to get the informations ba mail - ok, we could live with it. As we are just a small office, just one version is fine for us we dont need a mail version if we have the printed one... But I will tell my collegue about it, maybe she would like to subscribe.

Have a nice day!!
Cheers, Madina”

Madina v.Stillfried – Owner” - Southern Cross Tours – Hannover - Germany

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“Dear Ian,

I must say that I have very little time to read publications that come via the post and even less time to read those on line. With that in mind, please know that I love your travel bulletin and usually read it twice, just to be sure I don’t miss anything. Thank you for continuing to send it to the address you have on file.

Thank you, Donna”

Donna Evans - Premier Aussie Specialist, Kiwi Specialist, Africa Specialist, Eco and Sustainable Tourism – Aurora - USA

“Hi Ian

I would very much appreciate you continuing to mail me this publication. Printed matter will get my attention more so than the online version.

Hope this is okay to do so.

I have asked all my agents to sign up for the online subscription if not already signed up.

Thanks very much, Jason”

Jason Webb – Director - Downunder Travel - Calgary - Canada

“Hi Ian,

I think your publication is GREAT and look forward to receiving it - there is always interesting and useful news and updates!

Thanks! Lori”

Lori Mezzomo - Destination Specialist, South Pacific & Islands - Pacesetter Travel – Vancouver - Canada

“Done. Thanks for saving some trees!
Cheers Carol”
Carol Hitchie – Owner - Destinations Downunder - Chicago - USA

“Dear Ian,

Thank you for your e-mail and for including me on your mailing list over the years. I have listed myself for the on-line version so you can discontinue sending by mail to our office.

I find your publication useful in knowing what new and popular attractions and areas in Australia are available. Although the program we run in Australia has remained fundamentally unchanged for over 10 years, I like to be kept abreast of what’s happening and to ”freshen” our product from year to year.

Kind regards,”

Tina Horley

Tina Horley - General Manager - Senior Tours - Toronto - Canada

“Hi Ian,

Correct postal address is shown as below.

Kindest Regards, David.”

David Clifford - Aussie Specialist - Luxury and more Travel – Sandiacre - UK

“Mate I signed up for email delivery, but still like the hand held piece, as if I am traveling, I may not always look at these things, but do so when I return.

Cheers ian”

Ian Swain – President – Swain Australia Tours – Ardmore - USA

“Dear Ian, greetings from San Diego!

However, I like the hard copy as a) it's easy to file and b) I do not have to sit at my desk to read it after an already long day!

Keep up the good work

kind rgds, Lindsey”

Lindsey Neale-Rozga – Owner - Wine Tours Australia & New Zealand - San Diego – USA

“Good Day Ian,

Thanks for your e-mail.

I am very glad to receive and read DTB as it keeps us updated on products and services in Australia. Look forward to see the new online edition. Good luck and keep the good work.

Kind regards”

Adriano Lucchesi - Managing Director – Atlantic Connection Travel - São Paulo / Brazil


Get both the online and print version. I most cases I get the pint before the online for some reason. In other words I read the one I get first.

I have no problem with the online version so why not stop the print and save the postage – makes sense.

I do look forward to getting the publication and find it useful. We have followed through with some of the new product and the updates on the established are helpful.”

Dom Pitteri – Koala Tours – Seattle – USA

“Hi Ian,

My mailing address is below.

Pls continue to send the printed version – I enjoy the read.


Paul Watkins – President - Australia & New Zealand Travel Specialists –San Antonio – USA

“Hi Ian,

Thanks for your note. I currently receive the print version of your publication, but I just subscribed to the electronic version via email. These days, I tend to refer back to resources on my computer rather than digging through paper files, so it may be more cost effective to let me just receive the electronic version and cancel the paper subscription. Your publication is a good resource – I always review it upon receipt, as it provides some great updates on product and upcoming events, openings, etc. I could also see forwarding the Bulletin to clients as part of my monthly e-newsletter – I have a database of about 1000 potential consumers who’ve indicated an interest in travel to Australia and New Zealand. Do you have a PDF or other “document-like” format that could be attached to an email, rather than sending it imbedded in an email? That would make it very easy to include as a link in my monthly newsletter.

Thanks again for putting together a useful resource.”

Rob Hill - Aussie Specialist - Peak Travel Partners - Fort Laudervale - USA

“Hi Ian:

Thanks for the e-mail! Yes I would still like to receive your print version! Below are my address details. As you suggested I have also signed up for the on-line version! The publication is very useful in keeping up to date on new products and in some cases just a refresher!

If the on-line version works out OK I will let you know and you can stop sending in the print version!

Thanks again!”

Kash Patel – Aussie Specialist – Baryia Travel - Newton Highlands - USA

Dear Ian,

Thank you for your email. You need not mail the Bulletin anymore. Please sign me up for the online version.

Thank you.


Laurie Keith - Honeymoon & Destination Wedding Specialist - Romantic Planet Vacations – Calgary - Canada

“Hi Ian,

I really enjoy receiving and reading the Downunder Travel Bulletin and would love to continue receiving the printed version.. The bulletin’s format is quick and easy to read and if additional information is required the suppliers website is readily available. It’s a great tool for us…

Kind regards, Lise’’

Lise Knowles – Manager – Aussie Travel – Ottawa - Canada

“Hi Ian,

Thanks for your email. I’ve always forward the newsletter but I will pass along the link below to everyone in the office.

I’m fine with receiving the online publication only.


Stephanie McAllister - South Pacific Specialist - Downunder Travel – Toronto – Canada


Thank very much for your email and teh Downunder Travel Bulletin.

Best regards”

Carlos Enriquez – Director - Romance Conexion - Estado de Mexico - Mexico

“Hi Ian,

You can stop mailing me your Bulletin as I get it on-line.


Scott Schmid – President - New Zealand Adventures – Elmhurst – USA

“Dear Ian

Thank you for your email.

I enjoy receiving the Downunder Travel Bulletin – keeps us well up-to-date with detailed changes in the Aussie tourism world.

All the best Philippe”

Philippe Blain - Director International Product Development - Air Canada Vacations - USA

“Dear Ian,

Hope all is well with you!!

You can take me off the list for the printed version!

But since i find the DTB very useful and informative (sometimes it reminds us of product that we know, sometimes we indeed come accross sth. New), i have subscibed for the online version!

All best Krgds Malvine”

Malvine Roberth - Product Manager = Australia PLUS Reisen – Munich - Germany

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Many thanks for your e-mail.

I find your publication interesting and while at the moment we do not have any big programs in Australia, it is always good to see what is happening down under.

Best wishes Marie”

Marie Ciccone - Lindblad Expeditions - New York - USA

“Dear Ian,

thank you for including me in the “prime” section and not in “the old bags” one!!!

Have just subscribed to the online version of Downunder (save paper and money…).

I’m more than happy to send you my comments.

I carefully read each copy. Some time I find some interesting new product, few times I find completely useless products and always is a good updated with local operators and products I already know.

Not all operators and hotels send updates and the Bulletin is a good way not to forget some of them.

See you in Perth!”

Paty Cigaina - Product Manager - Naar Tour Operator – Milano - Italy

“Thanks very much Ian for your email.

I have already subscribed to your on-line bulletin.

If the content of this bulletin, will be the same one as your printed version, then no need to keep receiving the printed one.

As far as the information that contains, I find it worthwhile going through it every time we receive it.

Thanks again MURIEL”

Muriel Minnell Falck - Executive Director - Sundance Spirit – Buenos Aires – Argentina

“Dear Ian

Many thanks for the offer.

I am forwarding your sugestion to my key staff who deal with "Down Under".

Martin Jensen - Managing Director - Queensberry Viagens - São Paulo – Brazil

“Hello Ian,

Thank you for your email. If you can continue to send the bulletin via 'snail mail' that would be great, as it's very easy to view the brochure as soon as I receive it in my hands.

The brochure itself is very informative and I have contacted some companies featured to form a relationship. I would ask though, if possible, to include more youth focused product - USIT is predominantly a youth/student organisation, we process thousands of Working Holiday visas for Australia & New Zealand each year, so it's great to receive information on companies that deal solely with this market.

Many thanks and long may Downunder Travel Bulletin continue!


Miriam Kelliher - Products Manager – USIT - Dublin – Ireland

“Good Morning Ian Johnston!

Thanks for your email. Yes, I would like to continue receiving the down under publication but you only need to send the one address to me. My colleague Suzanne Boulton no longer works here so you don’t need to send that one.

Thank you and all the best, Julianne J”

Julianne Howarth - Senior Product Manager - Eden Luxury Group – Lakeside - UK

“Dear Ian,

Noted with many thanks!!!”

Marat Yuan – Manager - China Times Travel Services – Taipei – Taiwan

“Hi Ian,

Please update my postal address,”

Bruce Taylor - Commercial Director – Emerald Travel – London – UK

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“Dear Ian,

thanks for your e-mail

I already subscribed to the online Downunder Travel Bulletin.

And I don't need a paper-copy (paperless office!)

I will send your e-mail to some of my collegues who might be interested in the online version as well.

Best regards,”

Jaap Miltenburg – Product Manager Australia and New Zealand – SNP Natuurreizen – Nijmegen – Netherlands

“Dear Ian,

thanks for your email.

First of all - I really like your publication and think it is very useful as all the different articles are short (we get so many newsletter... soemtimes very hard to read them all!)

And with the weblinks it is so easy to get more detailed information if needed.


Although I did subscribe to the online version already, I'd love to receive the printed version by Post as well.

The reason for that is that sometimes there are sample brochures included which I usually need and use - and it's great to have one sample of the extra brochures...

Thanks and have a happy day!

Sunny regards from Munich, Nicole”

Nicole Piskurek – Product Manager - Pacific Travel House – Munich – Germany

“Hi Ian,

Thanks for the update - I'm happy to just receive the bulletin by email/online. Have already signed up, so please feel free to stop sending by post.

Thanks, Laura”

Laura Inger – Product Manager – STA Travel – London - UK


“Dear Ian,

thank you very much for your e-mail and information which I will forward to my colleagues from reservations as well.

I appreciate to get regularly your Downunder Travel Bulletin incl. all the news in Downunder.

Especially myself (not anymore the youngest person) like to get something printed and to read offline. As you can imagine I am getting every day so many online news etc. that you are too tired to read all those. Therefore it is good to have your travel Bulletin different.

It is also good that the news are not only including Australia but the whole South Pacific Region which helps me to update my knowledge accordingly.

Kind regards, Joachim”

Joachim Voss – Product manager – Meier’s Weltreisen – Frankfurt – Germany

“Dear Ian,

thank you for that, I subscribed for the online version and I will give it the same attention as for the printed copy, according to available time your informations are being read with more or less attention, nothing new.

To save costs you may remove my adress from the ones receiving the printed version.

Hope all is good otherwise, we are working on our Oceania 12-13 brochure which will come out in November and hope that the current decrease for leisure tourism to Australia out of Europe is not going on for too long.

There is an x-rate challenge, in my humble opinion the AUD is 20% overvalued against the Euro and I would like to see that your Government is re-introducing the GST exemption for overseas tourist business through inbounders which would bring a -10% immediately, wishful thinking I know.

AUD getting stronger and stronger ( it increased its value more than 50 percent in the last three years, price increases of 25 percent adding up to 75 percent higher prices than 3 years ago...this is not accpeted anymore.

Our company in general is having a good year ( two digit plus) our economy is still ok, we have good growth rates for even expensive destinations like French Polynesia (+30percent)

(but there rates had always been high and there is no x-rate issue ) so the monies are here and ar ebeing spend overseas but the level of prices for Australian leisure products and even in Supermarkets have reached levels, which are simply not accepted anymore by potential travellers.

We keep on fighting, we dont give up, we will use our great partnership AOT to come up with new ideas.....

Best personal regards

Dietmar P.”

Dietmar Schulz - FTI Group Destination Director Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific - FTI Touristik GmbH – Munich - Germany

“Hi Ian,

Thanks for your mail. All is fine with your bulletin, no worries, just keep on going. All staff members read in while having a break in the kitchen area.
Take care, Peter”

Peter Arp - Managing Director - Australia Pacific Travelservice – Hamburg - Germany

“Hi Ian

I am happy just to get the online version , so take me off the mailing list”

Lindy Christian - General Manager, Global Product Procurement - Jetset Travelworld Group / Stella Travel Services – Auckland – New Zealand

“Hi Ian,

address is still valid.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Kind regards, Otmar”

Otmar Lind – Director - Horizont Fernreisen – Bochum – Germany

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“Hello Ian,

Nice to hear from you and hereby confirm our postal address.

Your publication is being read with great interest and I appreciate receiving it.

Keep well and many regards, Annelise”

Annelise Dam Larsen – Managing Director - Risskov Travel Partner A/S – Randers – Denmark

“Now that you do your e-brochure, no need for hard-copy anymore.

All good…. No worries

Kind regards”

Robert Doeleman - Product Manager – Kilroy International – Copenhagen - Denmark

“Yes Ian...I am very happy and proud receive your printed version of Downunder Travel Bulletin.

Why? Because when I receive it I can read it in my "subway" trip home/office/home...the only moment I have time. On-line version most of time I have no time to read it.

Thanks a lot for this very useful service.

Best regards, Ciro”

Ciro Fabbri - Product Manager Australia,New Zealand, Pacific Islands - Chiariva by Vivamondo Milano – Italy.


“Hello Ian,

I am happy to get your newsletter by email from now on.

warm regards Rachel”

Rachel Gleave - Product Director - Bridge & Wickers – London UK

“Dear Ian,

many thanks for your Email.

It is not necessary anymore to send me the printed version of Downunder Travel Bulletin. The web-version is sufficient. (I have subscribed for it).

Kind Regards, Gerhard”

Gerhard Strahammer - FTI Austria – Linz - Austria

“Dear Ian,

thanks for your mail and information.

Please note I took over the part for Australia from Ulrike few months ago (she will focus more on our Asia products now).

For the future I prefer to use the online version. You don’t have to continue sending the downunder travel bulletin further per post to us.

Thanks and kind regards


Beate Mentzel - Product Manager Oceania & South Pacific = TUI Suisse Ltd. – Zürich – Switzerland

“Dear Ian,

Yes – good to hear from you. We have just hard time to sell Australia with an AUD exchangerate this far up against the Euro. But we are still busy.

Kind Regards,”

Rob Kusters – Directeur – Pacific Island Travel / Worldwide Travel Group – Amsterdam – Netherlands

“Good Morning Ian,

Thank you for your Email! It is always a pleasure and very informative as well as very useful in reading your Downunder Travel Bulletin regularly. Thank you! It enables us not only to refresh the products already known but also to discover new others. There are so many products on the market!

Kind regards from Berlin, Mary-Ann”

Mary-Ann Kloke – Director – Alternativ Tours – Berlin - Germany

“Dear Ian,

Many thanks for your e-mail. We do receive your bulletin by e-mail as well. E-mail version is fine in order to avoid you post cost!

Cheers Christophe”

Christophe Beysard – Manager – Nova Tours – Lusanne – Switzerland

“Hi Ian,

tks yr mail. We like yr printed version of Downunder Travel Bulletin. So pls continue delivery.

We already getting yr paperless version as well.

For us Downunder Travel Bulletin is extremely helpful to be up to date about tourism in OZ & NZ.

With best personal regards / Meinhard”

Meinhard Hiller – Area Manager – Windrose Finest Travel – Berlin – Germany

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“Dear Ian,

Many thanks for information.

Kind regards


Horst von der Wehd – Manager - Abenteuer & Erlebnisreisen – Augsburg - Germany

“Dear Ian,

thank you so much for your e-mail and reconfirmation of the Downunder Travel Bulletin.

It is useful to my job, with interesting news about Australia and our suppliers.

Pls feel free to send me the on-line publication ONLY, it is great for me.

Thank you once again for your consideration in our company.

Best Regards, Barbara”

Barbara Zelle - Cividin Your Travel Planner - Product Manager - Trieste - Italy

“Hi Ian

Thanks for the mail. I'm now working for Travel Nation . you can use this email as I'm happy to receive the web version.

Kind regards Frances”

Francis Blair – Travel Nation – Hove – UK.

“Morning Ian

Thank you for your e-mail. Please can you continue to send the travel bulletin to the postal address, they are most helpful and get passed around the sales team to also read.

Best regards, Ross”

Ross Pakes - Regional Manager - Asia and Oceania - Abercrombie & Kent – Cheltenham - UK

“Hi Ian

I would like to also receive the printed version, the address you have is the correct one and I have added Carla our Supervisor for the Far East and Australasia to your email list.

Thanks a lot


David Bradshaw - Sales and Marketing Director - Travel Vision – Johannesburg - South Africa

“Good morning Ian,

Thank you for your e-mail!

Australia is not the biggest destination for us and not all the news have so big of an importance, but I think it is useful to read the news.

Gives an idea what is happening in there downunder.

With kind regards, Katja”

Katja Ahlstrom - Product Manager – Leisure Travel - Kaleva Travel – Helsinki - Finland

“Dear Ian

Thanks for your e-mail.

We have been enjoying Donwunder for years.

We appreciate your continuous service.

Will reply to you later.


Kubota Hatsunobu – Managing Director - Southern Cross Travel – Tokyo – Japan

“Hi Ian!

Here is confirmation of our postal address.

We also have subscribed for the online version which we receive regularly.

Thankyou and have a great day Ian!


Clare Walker - Geschäftsführerin - Ozeania Reisen – Fislisbach – Switzerland

“Dear Ian,

Thank you very much for the update.

I have been onto the site and subscribed.

Kind regards,


Ashleigh Bell - The Travel Shop – Bulawayo - Zimbabwee

“Hello Ian

Thank you.

Our new postal address is Sankt Jorgens Gade 18 and I would like to continue to receive the news letters in hard copy also.

We like receiving the news like that and we read it at the lunch table to stay updated.

Have a great weekend.

Best wishes, Joan”

Joan Lott Carlsen – Director – Work and Travel – Sønderborg – Denmark

“Good Morning Ian

Thanks for your email. We love your Downunder Travel Bulletin. Every month when the hard copy is received we read & circulate it to everyone in our small office, each of us making circles & ticks on the product we found of interest.

We like the printed version - Keep it coming. Many thanks”

Jeanette Ryan - Managing Director – Pacific Destination Center – Huntington Beach – USA

“Hi Ian,

Really enjoy receiving your Bulletin ... I have subscribed for the online version so you can take me off your mail distribution.

Look forward to catching up with you next time I'm in Oz.

Cheers, Cathy”

Cathy Mulrine - Manager - Eastern Canada – Goway – Toronto - Canada

“Hi Ian

How are you?

I find your publication very good and interesting. I have subscribed to the E-version and I would appreciate it if I can still have the hard copy.

Kind regards, John"

John Sumner – Travel Broker – Select Travel – Auckland – New Zealand

“Dear Ian,

many thanks for your email.

Subscription for the online publication, done.

I do not need printed version. online is sufficient.


Claude Cascino - General & Product Manager - IL Tuareg – Palermo - Italy

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“Hi Ian,

I read and value what you send me, it’s always a good snapshot of new products, what’s happening in the market. Your newsletters do the rounds of our office and we all enjoy reading them.

Cheers, Mandy”

Mandy Mathis – General Manager - Downunder Journeys - Great Falls - USA

“Dear Ian,

Many thanks for your email.

I have just registered to get the on-line copy, however if possible I would still like to receive a hard copy please. My address is listed below

Best wishes, Clare”

Clare Smith - Product Manager - Premier Holidays - Cambridge - UK

“Dear Ian,

thanks for your mail regarding the e-mail subscribtion of Downunder Travel Bulletin.
The General Manager, Mr Ernst Salaic, has so far always received the written version of the Bulletin but the electronic version is also ok with him. I have just subscribed him, so please delete him from your postal address book.

I've been receiving the web version for quite some time now and I find it very helpfull. Franktour Fernreisen is a small group tour operator and we have groups going to OZ/NZ on a fixed schedule. Some of our clients wish to extend their stays and do things "off the beaten track" with local operators, so I'm glad to have the Bulletin to do some research for them.

Great job- thank you very much.

Kind regards
Andrea Seimetz”

Andrea Seimetz - Product Manager - Franktour Fernreisen – Kronberg - Germany

“Hi Ian,

Thanks for your message.

We do find your newsletter very useful and everyone in the Aussie Tours department is reading it.

A printed copy is still very Handy for us too.

Best regards


Heidi Flamand – Product Manager – Aussie Tours – Roeselare - Belgium

“Hi Ian

Thanks for email and yes I prefer getting your bulletin in the mail so please keep sending to me.
I have asked all my Aussie Group experts to sign up for you bulletin as well.


Barbara Norton – Manager Groups - Goway Groups – Vancouver – Canada

“G’day Ian

I have to say I like the printed version, I get so many emails every day, and so many updates and newsletters to read online, it makes a nice change, to sit back and read something not on the computer. I can look at it and come back to it, where an email sits there until deleted, and then it is gone. Call me old fashioned I guess!

I find the updates to be very useful – easy to skim over the whole thing, and then quick to read the articles that are relevant for us!

Cheers Sarah”

Sarah DeBenedetta - Vice President Operations – Swain Australia Travel – Armore – USA

“Sorry for not advising before, we recently moved to new office.

In the meantime I subscribed to receive the on-line version of the Down Under Bulletin, so please do not send the printed version anymore.

You can save printing and mailing costs and I am updated anyway!

I usually send the on-line bulletin also to my colleagues by e-mail so they receive the latest update, too.

Thank you for the very informative publication!

Kind regards

Roberta Poli – Product Manager – Dimensione Triade – Rome - Italy

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